Meet the Artist

Stefanie Reuter

Illustrator & Print Maker

Hello, my name ist Stefanie Reuter and I am the artist behind RIDING RHINO.

RIDING RHINO started out as a blog project I did together with my partner Andreas. We were writing about topics we care about, all connected in some way to veganism, cyclism and minimalism.

Over the time, my own focus shifted from writing to drawing and Andreas was busy becoming a scholar, writing about very complicated topics having to do with international law. I myself decided to give my art more space and express my love of animals and cycling in my illustrations. This is why most of the animals ride bikes – and because it makes me smile.

My illustrations are all hand drawn with watercolor and ink and printed in a local print house in Berlin. They are available as high quality poster prints in two different sized and also as greeting cards. They are designed to bring some wit and joy in your life and your homes.

Art Design Made With Love and Wit.